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To order any "Miralax Preps" by phone call (800) 349-0285  or Click Here
Procedure Prep Instructions
Prescription Required Preps
Other Procedure Preps
Gastroenterology Associates of S.W. Florida, P.A.
(239) 275-8882
Colonoscopy Preps - Over the Counter

• Colonoscopy-Magnesium Citrate - (English) (Spanish)
• Colonoscopy -Miralax Standard  - (English(Spanish)
• Colonoscopy -Miralax Constipation Extended - (English) (Spanish)

Over the Counter Preps

• Capsule Endoscopy Preparation -(English) (Spanish
• EGD Preparation -(English) (Spanish)
• ERCP Preparation -(English) (Spanish)
• Esophageal Manometry / 24hr pH -(English) (Spanish)
• EUS Preparation -(English) (Spanish)
• Flexible Sigmoid Preparation -(English) (Spanish)

Other Colonoscopy Preps - That Require a Prescription

• Colonoscopy -Clenpiq - (English) (Spanish)
• Colonoscopy -Suprep -(English) (Spanish)
• Colonoscopy -Plenvu - (English) (Spanish)
• Colonoscopy -Trilyte, Colyte, Nulyte, Golyte - (English) (Spanish)
• Colonoscopy -Trilyte Extended -(English) (Spanish)

Does your insurance cover a colonoscopy? What you need to know - Click Here