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In keeping with the Office for Civil Rights Guidance our practice is posting the following fees for Access Requests by patients. Requests for medical records through valid Authorizations are based on the state approved rates.

Under the following circumstances, there will be a charge for processing your records request:  
  •Patients who request large amounts of records (11 pages or more)                 •Patients who transfer to another Gastroenterologist
  •Patients who move out of state                                                                          •State of Florida Disability / other State Disability requests
  •Attorney's Request                                                                                             •Clerk of Court Subpoena's
  •Insurance Companies / Life Insurance                                                               •Third Party Vendors


A bill will be sent to you by Sharecare Health Data Services formerly "Bactes". All billing inquiries must be made directly to Sharecare Health Data Services. Most medical records request are processed and handle by the company "Sharecare Health Data Services". There is a standard fee of $1.00 per page, plus shipping and handling fees. A properly signed medical records release will be required in order to get the copy of your medical records. If you have any questions about your request or about the bill you received call Sharecare Health Data Services formerly Bactes at 1-866-602-5677 or visit their website 


Paper Copies:
  • 1 to 10 Pages – No Charge
  • For records of 70 pages or less we charge a flat fee of $6.50.
  • For records request of over 70 pages we charge .25 per page for the actual cost and a labor fee* based on the time required to Photocopying paper PHI; Scan paper PHI into an electronic format; Convert electronic information in one format to the format requested by or agreed to by the individual; Transferring (e.g., uploading, downloading, attaching, burning) electronic PHI from a covered entity’s system to a web based portal (where the PHI is not already maintained in or accessible through the portal), portable media, email, app, personal health record, or other manner of delivery of the PHI; Creating and executing a mailing or email with the responsive PHI. You may request an estimate based on your individual request.

Electronic Records:
  • Records requests to be placed on a CD: a flat fee of $6.50.
  • Thumb Drive** or Other Supported Media: Actual cost of the media, labor involved as described above and postage if the device is mailed.(Approx. $25.00)
  • Films and Other Non-Standard Paper Requests
  • Actual cost to produce plus labor as described above and postage.

Portal Requests: 

  • You may access a summary of care document through the patient portal. This document will include important information regarding vital signs, medications, and treatment plans. Ask our staff how to access this today. Please note, there is no charge to use the patient portal. Click here to access the patient portal “My Health Record”.
  • Upon request, the office shall upload pertinent medical reports to the patient portal. However, if requesting a large number of medical records or a complete set of Medical Records, Gastroenterology Associates will defer the processing of those records to our third party vendor “Share Care”. Share Care will process the records request and mail either hard copies or a CD directly to you.
  • There are no charges or fees applied for any request from a “Covered Entity” (i.e., your Primary Care Physician, your Referring Physician, Surgeon, Specialist, or other Medical Facility). 

Should the above pricing for copies to medical records present a financial hardship, please let our office know.

*Our practice uses Average Costing to determine labor costs. The Average Fee Labor Cost Worksheet of our charges is available from our HIPAA Compliance Officer.

**Please note that in order to protect our patient's privacy and security we are unable to accept personal thumb drives or other portable media. 

Requesting Medical Records
Will there be a charge for my records?

Do you want our office to release your records? 

Pursuant to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) patients may request a copy of their own medical records. We will be happy to provide medical records as requested. Please complete the Release Information Form and return it to our office.  

Fax requests to (239) 275-5251 or hand deliver/mail to:
Gastroenterology Associates of SW Florida, PA
Attention: Medical Records Request
4790 Barkley Circle, Building A
Fort Myers, FL 33907

Our privacy notice is available to review upon request.

If you are unable to obtain the Release of Information Form or Privacy Notice using the link above, please pick up a copy at one of our offices or call us and we will mail you a copy.

Personal health records are also available for viewing or downloading via the patient portal. Visit your portal today at  

How would you like to receive your records? ​

Gastroenterology Associates will disclose your health records via US Mail or via patient web portal. Authorized individuals may also pick up copies at our main office location if they so desire. Records can also be downloaded to disk or memory stick. 

We encourage our patients to register for the patient portal. 
The portal provides our practice the means to send records very quickly in a secure fashion. 

The disclosure of records should only be faxed when mailing would not meet the immediate needs of patient care. Faxing is discouraged in situations where time is not of the essence, but it is permissible as long as you consent to the fax transmission. If possible the authorization signed by the patient should mention that the records are to be released by fax and that there are inherent risks in faxing records. 

Do you want our office to obtain your Records from another doctor or facility? 

Please fill out and sign the Request to Obtain information form return it to our office either by:

 •bringing it in person to any office location
 •mailing the form to main office 4790 Barkley Cir. Ft Myers Fl . 33907
 •faxing it to Medical Records fax number (239) 275-5251. 

You can obtain a black copy of the Request to Obtain information form by: 

In person at any office location 

There will be no charges or fees applied by our office for obtaining records from another "Covered Entity".
Gastroenterology Associates of S.W. Florida, P.A.
(239) 275-8882
Obtaining Records