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Self-pay patients are required to pre-pay a down payment for the following amounts at check in, you may be asked to pay more at the time of checkout depending on treatment and care provided:
     •New Patient-Consult = $200.00
     •Follow up-Established = $100.00
     •Procedures Any Type = $700.00

(The price above is NOT the total cost for your visit or procedure- it is only the required down payment)

For all patients who need assistance in getting help for their medical bills the following resources are available for everyone who qualifies:

    1.  Our Central Business Office can help provide details, contact your business office representative at (239)-275-8882

    ◦Patient Last Names A-D x350
    ◦Patient Last Names E-K x351
    ◦Patient Last Names L-Q x352
    ◦Patient Last Names R-Z x353

    2.  Apply for Care Credit online at, call 1-800-677-0718 Care Credit gives you Special Financing, Low         Monthly payment options, No up-front costs or pre-payment penalties.**Care Credit Can Only Be used for Barkley Surgicenter         Services**

    3. Apply for Medicaid online at, call 1-800-226-6735 or in person at any of the many locations.

    4.  The office of Vocational Rehabilitation, call (239)-278-7150 to apply over the phone Monday – Friday         8am- 5pm. This is a federal program for patients who have no insurance but are currently employed.

    5.  For Veterans without insurance, call Veterans Administration or call at 1-888-820-0230.

    6.  For patients diagnosed with HIV, contact the McGregor Clinic (Ryan White Foundation) at or call (239)-334-        9555  

    7.  For indigent patients, contact United Way Foundation or call (239)-433-3900

    8. For special needs patients who do not have insurance and who have cancer or been recently diagnosed with cancer you can         contact to apply for a financial assistance grant. Submit application directly to 21st Century Care.

    9. Apply for coverage through the Senior Friendship Centers. Coverage is limited to uninsured individuals between the ages of         50-64 with an annual income at or below 200% of the federal poverty limit. Visit: or you can call         239-275-1881.

Self-Pay Financial Requirements
Resources for Financial Assistance
Gastroenterology Associates of S.W. Florida, P.A.
(239) 275-8882
Our Practice Financial Policy
Click Here to View Our Financial Policy
For all patients that are required to pay deductible amounts you will be asked to pay in office on the date of the your visit. If you believe your deductible is met for the year, please bring any information showing your deductible amounts paid to the office; this can include Explanation of Benefits (EOB) or letters from your insurance company and/or receipts from other medical facilities showing amounts paid.

Medically Needy (Share of Cost) is a program offered by Florida Medicaid for eligible individuals. Patients with Medically Needy benefits are required to meet a monthly “Share of Cost” amount, similar to the deductible on most commercial plans; you may be asked to show proof of having met the Share of Cost amounts for your visit. If we are unable to confirm that your Share of Cost has been met you will be considered a Self-Pay patient for that visit. Please refer to the Self-Pay Financial Requirements section for monetary amounts. 

COBRA is a program that requires continuation of coverage to be offered to covered employees, their spouses, former spouses, and dependent children when group health coverage would otherwise be lost due to certain specific events. Group health coverage for COBRA participants is often more expensive than the amount that active employees are required to pay, since the employer usually pays part of the cost of employees' coverage and all of that cost can be charged to individuals receiving continuation coverage. Patients covered under COBRA may be asked to show proof of premium payment.

Patients with commercial insurance plans or Medicare Advantage plans with Medicaid as a secondary will be asked to pay their copayment/deductible/coinsurance at the time of service. We do not bill Medicaid when it is secondary to these plans.

Information for Share of Cost / Cobra / Deductibles
Our practice has had to implement a "No Show"/Cancellation Policy Effective 11-01-2015

For each office visit “No Show” there will be $25.00 fee; which will need to be paid in full prior to scheduling any future office appointments.

For each procedure“No Show” there will be $75.00 fee; which will need to be paid in full prior to scheduling any future procedures.

A “No Show” is also considered a “missed appointment” this occurs when you fail to show up for an appointment without a phone call 24 hours prior or you cancel without at least 24 hour notice.

If you cancel your appointment on the same day or less than 24 hour notice it will be considered as a “No Show” 

Patients who habitually "No Show" or who continuously reschedule appointments will be subject to discharge from the practice.

Click Here to View Our No Show Policy
No- Show Policy
​The patient cost for a procedure varies based on a number of factors including the individual health of the patient and their needs, the number of procedures performed in a single operative session, and the indication for the procedure. In order to assist our patients in making an informed decision regarding their healthcare, below is a listing of the billed charges for the procedures that are commonly performed at Barkley Surgicenter. A billed charge is the amount that a physician, hospital or other healthcare entity charges for the specific procedures or services provided to the patient. This list is not all inclusive and does not reflect any discounts offered by your insurance company. For assistance in determining your patient responsibility, please contact our Central Business Office at 239-275-8882 ext. 506 for a patient specific estimate of cost.

Procedure Code       Description             Billed Charge
43235EGD (Esophagogastroduodenoscopy)$ 1200.00
43239EGD (Esophagogastroduodenoscopy) with Biopsy$ 1200.00
43248EGD (Esophagogastroduodenoscopy) with dilation$ 1200.00
45330Flexible Sigmoidoscopy$ 400.00
45331 Flexible Sigmoidoscopy with Biopsy$ 400.00
45378Colonoscopy$ 1400.00
45380Colonoscopy with Biopsy$ 1400.00
45384Colonoscopy with Hot Biopsy$ 1400.00
45385Colonoscopy with Biopsy by Snare$ 1400.00
G0105Screening Colonoscopy (High Risk/ Surveillance)$ 1100.00
G0121Screening Colonoscopy (Routine)$ 1100.00

Cost for Procedures at Barkley Surgicenter
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